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The Florida Drug Addiction Helpline is committed to helping those who struggle with drug addiction to find treatment. These resources will provide readers with articles and up to date reports on issues concerning drug addiction and treatment programs. Check back frequently for new and exciting material.

Jeb Bush vows to stop pill mills in his drug policy

Drug abuse has become a major electoral issue in the United States’ presidential race in the wake of disturbing numbers of heroin and prescription painkillers-related deaths, which has nearly quadrupled since 2002. The issue took center stage at a forum in New Hampshire, which witnessed at least 295 opioid deaths in 2015, earlier in January 2016 with Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush rolling out his drug policy aimed at fighting the menace. Continue reading

Children bear the brunt of parental substance abuse

Millions of children across the globe become victims of parental substance use disorders (SUDs) every year. Many of them suffer neglect and abuse at a very tender age. They are always at an increased risk of maltreatment and their basic needs like nutrition, supervision and nurturing may go unmet. They finally are at the mercy of foster homes. A Huffington Post report in September 2015, citing the U.S. federal statistics, says the number of children living in foster care started to increase in 2013 after years of decline. Continue reading

‘Devil’s drug’: U.S. battles flakka menace

Of late, many cases of people behaving in eccentric and outrageous manner have cropped up in several parts of the United States. This outlandish behavior of people is being linked to a new synthetic drug called “flakka.” The drug has flooded the streets of America owing to its low price, easy availability and the fact that users of this drug have no knowledge about its origin. It is a cheaper variety with hallucinogenic effects more powerful than marijuana or cocaine.

Continue reading

Does your workplace have windows?: The importance of light for mental health

Having trouble sleeping? Can you see outdoors from your office chair at work? There may be a connection. Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago reported that the detrimental impact of working in a windowless environment is a universal phenomenon. The study, titled “Impact of Workplace Daylight Exposure on Sleep, Physical Activity and Quality of Life” concluded there is a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and office worker’s sleep. The results were published in the journal “Sleep.Continue reading

The abuse of Adderall transferring into the young work force

A recent article was published in the New York Times detailing the increased addiction to Adderall among college students. The article described how doctors and medical ethicists expressed concern for the health risks associated with the illegal use of Adderall and other ADHD medications, as well as how young workers are at risk due to their misuse of stimulants to keep up their performance. Continue reading

Am I an Addict?

With nearly 10 percent of the U.S. population currently abusing drugs and alcohol, addiction is a growing epidemic. It is important to be able to identify when there is a problem so help can be found as soon as possible.