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Devastating effects of drugs on the developing brain of teens

The human brain takes about 25 years to develop fully. In view of this fact the brain of a teenager is considered as “work-in-progress” that is likely to witness many developmental changes to function in an ideal manner.

As the bulk of the changes take place during adolescence, one witnesses a sudden growth in the unpredictable and reckless behavior that is a constant companion of the adolescent years. With the consistent development of different parts of the brain, the neural connections are strengthened only with the passage of time. Continue reading

Rise in number of rural American babies born drug dependent

Children born to mothers who used or misused prescription opioids during pregnancy are at a greater risk of getting seizures or facing problems related to breathing, feeding and sleeping. Though the opioid epidemic has hit all the parts of the United States, the problem has been found to be particularly acute in rural areas where the treatment programs often lag behind in comparison to urban areas. Continue reading

2016 drug busts reinforce Central America as the most important drug corridor

With a large volume of drugs being trafficked through the Caribbean route, many experts speculated significant shifts in the traditional drug trafficking routes to the U.S., particularly hinting upon the replacement of Central America with the Caribbean.  However, recent drug bust reports suggest that an increased amount of addictive substances continue to be trafficked from the Central America corridor. The claim has been in the light due to the increased drug enforcement along the isthmus of the Caribbean and of Mexico. Continue reading

Bizarre activities fueled by Flakka

A designer drug, known as Flakka, has grabbed the news headlines across most of the states in America. The streets in the state of Florida have reportedly been flooded with Flakka. Apparently, the new designer drug has not only engulfed the state of Florida but also spread its wings into other American states such as Ohio and Texas. Continue reading

5 deadliest drug-fueled crimes

Drug abuse and addiction have often been linked to criminal behavior such as theft, burglary, fraud, shoplifting, etc., in some individuals. There are a number of people who abuse drugs excessively and then commit heinous crimes. About 50 percent of prison inmates in America are drug-dependent, whereas 60 percent of those who are arrested for various types of crimes test positive for illicit drugs on an arrest, as per a 2015 report by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). Continue reading

Celebrities who brazenly splurged on drugs

Is a celebrity’s status interlinked with drug addiction? Despite visiting rehabs multiple times, celebrities often go through adverse phases in life due to their addiction to substances, which not only impact their relationships but also financial status. Being an integral part of the celebrity culture, many famous personalities have succumbed to drugs and/or alcohol, both personally and financially. Continue reading

Understanding the association between drugs and crime

Lately, drug addiction has become a big burden for the American society, given a dramatic rise in the number of drug users in the country over the past decade. Drug abuse has an adverse impact not only on the person involved but also on his or her family, friends and the society. Manufacturing, cultivating, distributing and trafficking drugs, such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin, have been categorized as a serious crime punishable by the law, however, studies have shown that even consumption of illicit drugs can encourage criminal behavior in individuals. Continue reading

Commonly abused drugs in America

Drug abuse is one of the most serious public health issues that the United States is struggling with. With more than 20 million Americans exposed to drug abuse in 2015, it seems an uphill task to ensure effective treatment and prevention services. Drug abuse is often associated with various other serious conditions, such as mental disorders, crime, road accidents, imprisonment, unemployment and poor economic status. Continue reading

Fall for smiles, not drugs

Hazards of drugs abuse include deterioration of physical health and development of mental disorders. Numerous studies that have researched the impact of drug abuse have reported that abusing drugs is directly connected with the development of cancer, damage of body parts like the oral cavity, lungs, liver, brain, heart or with physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. However, one aspect that has not received much attention is the impact of drug abuse on dental health. Continue reading