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Hayver launches app to help people deal with drug and alcohol addiction

Addiction is taking its toll, killing thousands in the United States. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), more than 15 million Americans aged 12 or older had an alcohol use disorder (AUD) in 2016, while an estimated 7.4 million people in the same age group were grappling with an illicit drug addiction. Though a number of measures have already been taken to deal with the addiction crisis, scientists and experts are trying hard to develop an innovative tool for welfare of the mental health care industry.

In this direction, Hayver has launched a new drug and alcohol recovery app that aims to offer assistance to those dealing with any form of addiction with the best solution. App users are incentivized using its own cryptocurrency, the Duitcoin, which will be supplied using Ethereum. Using the app’s verification system and behavioral models, a user will be able to keep a tab on his/her drug and alcohol consumption. The real-time data of all the users will be available on the block chain to ensure greater transparency.

John Copenhaver, co-founder and chief medical officer of Hayver Corporation, said that the idea to create the app came in his mind due to his own struggle with opioid and alcohol addiction. Talking about his journey as an individual with addiction, the physician revealed that he moved in and out of treatment programs for 15 years as he could hardly stay sober. He, then, decided to go through various studies conducted in the past to help himself stay sober for a long-term. He found that physicians and other licensed professionals have around 78 percent chances of refraining from alcohol and drug use after five years. But, the general population has a probability of 3 percent, which is nearly negligible.

Hayver adopts two-way approach to enable recovery

The company is using a two-way approach to help individuals recover from their addiction. This includes a software and digital currency to offer rewards and incentives if they continue to stay on the path to recovery. To make an effective use of the app, every user needs to log in to it each day. On their account’s dashboard, they would be able to see a variety of interesting information like the number of days they have stayed sober, the number of times they checked-in and the reward points earned by them.

The app will also make a random selection of a user to submit his/her urine sample using a home testing kit. The test is conducted for 11 different drugs that also include a number of popular opioids and alcohol. Once the results for this test are available, these are shown to the person’s support group using the results entered into the app. Copenhaver has made it clear that the app can’t replace the community benefits of 12-step programs for addiction treatment. Instead, it can be used as an extra support system to recovery. “I simply wanted to give myself and everyone else a better chance of staying in recovery,” said Copenhaver.

Seeking help to go and stay sober

The use of technology is not at all limited and the new app perfectly cites its expansion into the health care domain. But, what’s important to understand is that there is no tool or technology that can ensure one’s recovery on its own. It is very important for the individual himself/herself to be responsible and take some measures that can assist him/her in leading a healthy life.

Seeking advice from a rehab center is important if self-help stops to work. In case there’s someone you know who is addicted to any kind of drugs and is looking for details about the best drug rehab center in Florida, the Florida Drug Addiction Helpline can help. Call our 24/7 drug addiction helpline number at 855-982-2401 or chat online with one of our experts to know about the finest drug rehab facilities in your vicinity.