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Florida governor signs bill that limits prescription to three-day supplies to curb opioid crisis

In an effort to curb the swelling rates of opioid addiction in the state, Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill imposing a three-day limit on prescriptions into law. The bill, which is a part of the bigger plan to control the opioid epidemic, aims at not only preventing people from getting hooked on prescription painkillers, but also stopping excess medications from entering the black market. Continue reading

States fail to utilize funds amid worsening opioid crisis

In 2016, over 63,600 deaths due to drug overdose left federal authorities aghast in the United States. The fact that most of these fatalities were linked to opioids intensified the concern. In order to tame the menace, the authorities have taken several measures such as limiting the writing of prescriptions, keeping a tab on the opioid sales, increasing the treatment facilities, and allocating huge funds to states for recovery programs. Continue reading

Use of medical marijuana in pediatric care involving serious illnesses

Though marijuana can help relieve symptoms of certain medical conditions, its use is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government and drug regulation authorities. The plant that is believed to cure a range of illnesses has often been criticized for its adverse health effects including breathing problems, damage to learning and cognitive thinking, and distortions in perception and senses. Continue reading

Cocaine-exposed babies- Born addicted to drugs!

Addiction is a fallout in the personal front, but what if one was born addicted to drugs? Using cocaine while pregnant is not only harmful to the mother but also to her baby. Cocaine use can harm a pregnant woman and her unborn baby in more ways than one. When abused by a pregnant woman, the drug passes through the placenta and affects the baby and might even damage the fetus. The unborn babies exposed to a dangerous drug like cocaine during fetal development  might face many health problems, ranging from understated to life-threatening ones. It may also lead to later defects in some children, including behavioral problems, deficiency in cognitive performance and attention-related problems. Continue reading

Drive sober: Live and let live

Many of us are familiar with the dangers of drunk driving, but many also don’t know that drugged driving – or driving under the influence of either illicit or legal drugs, such as narcotic prescription medications is just as dangerous. Any drug that acts on the brain can inadvertently impair the motor skills, judgment capabilities, reaction time and sensory perceptions – be it marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines or opiates (including heroin and other painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin). Continue reading

Genes: Are they responsible for drug addiction?

Addiction is a complex issue and many factors play a role in it. While many scientists believe that there is a genetic link to addiction, it does not mean that having a particular gene will make a person addicted. However, it might make him/her more susceptible to developing an addiction than others. Having a gene that makes one vulnerable to addiction does not mean that he or she cannot be treated or there is always a change of relapse. In fact, finding a genetic link to addiction may also provide a cure to embrace sobriety. Continue reading

Can emotional intelligence help in getting rid of drug addiction?

Getting rid of addiction can be a challenging task. Researches have tried to establish a correlation between emotional intelligence and its impact in overcoming substance abuse problems. The inability to deal with emotions and feelings often triggers the impulse to seek solace in drugs. This has compelled researchers to explore the inter-dependency between the two in aiding the recovery process. Continue reading

5 New Year resolutions for kicking drug addiction

As the New Year is about to roll in, it’s time to reflect upon the year that is about to pass. The best way to measure the achievements of the past is by analyzing the major events. Therefore, introspection over one’s own initiatives, achievements and failures is an important parameter to weigh one’s weaknesses as well as strengths. However, the most important of all is to resolve to build a meaningful and healthy future based on the above analysis. Continue reading

Fall for smiles, not drugs

Hazards of drugs abuse include deterioration of physical health and development of mental disorders. Numerous studies that have researched the impact of drug abuse have reported that abusing drugs is directly connected with the development of cancer, damage of body parts like the oral cavity, lungs, liver, brain, heart or with physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. However, one aspect that has not received much attention is the impact of drug abuse on dental health. Continue reading

6 supermodels who battled drug addiction

The world of fashion modeling appears to be fascinating and glamorous from the outside, but a close look into the life of fashion models reveals a much darker reality of the fashion industry. Modeling requires a lot of efforts, such as keeping up with long photo shoots, maintaining an ideal body,  following a strict diet regimen and smiling in front of the camera despite facing challenges in personal life. Continue reading