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Ways to prevent prescription drug abuse

Prescription drugs like painkillers play a pivotal role in saving and improving lives, but that doesn’t mean that every medicine is safe to use. In fact, prescription drugs are now the leading source of addiction in the United States for its increased accessibility. There has also been a marked rise in the emergency visits and treatment admissions due to the chronic misuse of prescription drugs. In severe cases, it can also lead to overdose and death. Continue reading

Sharing photos and videos of opioid overdose victims may fuel negative notions

Are photos and videos of people in their most vulnerable moments a correct way of spreading awareness about an issue, especially opioid addiction and overdose? Community leaders, police officers and other first responders in the U.S. seem to believe so; their reasoning is that openly sharing such images and videos will prevent people from misusing opioids and overdosing on them. Another reason is that incarceration is not a solution to curb the opioid epidemic. Law enforcement officials feel that using social media to propagate the miserable conditions of families and children of drug-dependents will leave a much deeper impact and dissuade others from being victims. Continue reading

Scientific report on marijuana confirms its medical benefits

Marijuana advocates have more reasons to cheer. As per the latest report by the United States National Academics of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), released in January 2017, cannabinoids in marijuana had several positive health effects.

According to the report, while uncertainties about their health and safety remains, cannabis can help safely alleviate pain. As per the report, patients who used cannabis to treat chronic pain were more likely to experience a significant reduction in their pain symptoms. Continue reading

Understanding the association between drugs and crime

Lately, drug addiction has become a big burden for the American society, given a dramatic rise in the number of drug users in the country over the past decade. Drug abuse has an adverse impact not only on the person involved but also on his or her family, friends and the society. Manufacturing, cultivating, distributing and trafficking drugs, such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin, have been categorized as a serious crime punishable by the law, however, studies have shown that even consumption of illicit drugs can encourage criminal behavior in individuals. Continue reading

Understanding problem of drug abuse in teenagers

Teenage is that part of life when one has to face various social pressures. It is also the most vulnerable period for getting addicted to drugs or alcohol as teens at this stage are not mature enough to make choices between right or wrong. The implications of drug abuse in teens can be severe, affecting their personal as well as social life. The whole nation’s progress and development are at stake when the youth is involved in substance abuse. Continue reading

Commonly abused drugs in America

Drug abuse is one of the most serious public health issues that the United States is struggling with. With more than 20 million Americans exposed to drug abuse in 2015, it seems an uphill task to ensure effective treatment and prevention services. Drug abuse is often associated with various other serious conditions, such as mental disorders, crime, road accidents, imprisonment, unemployment and poor economic status. Continue reading

Nothing chic about designer drugs- Part 3: Synthetic stimulants

Stimulants, in general, are substances that raise the physiological or nervous activity level in an individual. The consumption of some stimulants in moderate quantity, such as coffee, is acceptable since it helps one in staying awake and active. However, using these excessively or for recreation can pose severe health issues. Available in different forms, synthetic stimulants, are one of the most abused stimulants in the U.S. Continue reading

Nothing chic about designer drugs- Part 2: Synthetic cannabinoids

A large percentage of the population in the United States abuses legal as well as illegal drugs for different effects such as feeling high, easing tensions, improving concentration, and also for recreation. People who abuse drugs are usually aware that doing so is against the law. However, as the old age adage goes, where there is a will, there is a way, people into substance abuse have found a way to fulfill their urge and at the same time escape the long arm of the law. To satiate their cravings and avoid any kind of legal complications, people have started using designer drugs as they typically mimic the effects of original drugs. Continue reading

Should addicts be punished for their criminal offenses?

There is a growing evidence to show how drug addiction is harming the American population. Drug addiction has been consistently increasing across all age groups in the country, especially among adolescents and adults. As per the World Drug Report released recently, cannabis is the most trafficked drug and is commonly abused across the world, with nearly 183 million people addicted to it in 2014. Continue reading