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Social anxiety concerns in recovery

Life in recovery is not easy, but full of challenges. One of the major concerns faced by many people in recovery is fear of socializing. Rebuilding life after quitting substances is not a cakewalk. Interacting with people on various platforms, both personally and professionally, can get so overwhelming that it might lead to a relapse. Therefore, one must be prepared in advance about the social anxiety issues one might have to deal with in sober life. And in such a state, the very thought of reaching for a small drink or pill can sabotage one’s recovery in a big way.

Listed below are some tips that can help a person navigate through social interactions without getting jittery.

Spending quality time alone

It is extremely important to go slow in sobriety. Initially, instead of focusing on going out and meeting people, one should focus on the self. One must keep a journal and fill it regularly with the kind of emotions, challenges, etc. one goes through and what one did to navigate through that phase. Over a period, when a person revisits the pages from previous months, he or she would get motivated and feel proud of the fact that a lot of improvement in terms of composure and reactions can be attained if one keeps going forward. Self-actualization is extremely important before venturing out into the social set up.

Focusing on quality interactions

Once in recovery, a person should try reaching out to people who genuinely wish good for him/her. These people could be from multiple online and offline support groups. Nevertheless, one should not rush. One should focus on fostering long-term friendships even if they are few. This might involve cutting ties with the loved ones and friends from one’s addiction days.

Trusting people again

It might get hard for some people to trust a new friend or a new partner, once in recovery. This is understandable, so once again one must take baby steps. However, an individual must keep new acquaintances informed about the thought process. For example, if one is expected to attend a house party or go on a date, one must not keep the other side guessing. One should call them and communicate that he or she would have loved to join but cannot make it because of some personal commitments.

Developing strong self-reliant mechanisms

It is important that one does not depend on people for feeling happy, ecstatic or depressed. One must be self-assured and this can be achieved through various practices like meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, practicing mindfulness, reading self-help books, listening to inspiring podcasts and even indulging in volunteering. All these endeavors will help one develop confidence and once this self-confidence sets in, a person can successfully develop bond with others.

Road to recovery

Once in recovery, it is important to remember that the most important of the relationships is the one that you have with yourself, and a lot of introspection and soul-searching will be required to strengthen this bond. However, if there are problems, do not fret, for this is normal and it means you must reach out for support.

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