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Marijuana legalization – things to know

The speed at which marijuana is gaining a legal status in various states can easily confuse a person. If marijuana is being legalized then is it all right to use it? And if it is a drug, then why is it decriminalized? How can a government legalize something that is known as a gateway drug and leads to dependence that has several short- and long-term effects? If it has medical benefits, then how does a person decide if they can use it or not? Continue reading

Challenges faced during addiction recovery

Addiction is a chronic illness which affects every aspect of one’s life. Choosing to seek assistance from a drug treatment center is an act of immense bravado. Life in a rehab is supported by addiction specialists, counselors, fellow inmates and many other people. However, once the treatment at a drug rehabilitation center is over, one enters early recovery. This phase is often challenging because a person is on their own. Re-entering the society as a sober individual is not easy. Some of the challenges faced by newly sober individuals are: Continue reading

From suing drug manufacturers to new laws – things Florida has been trying to tame opioid menace

Earlier in May 2018, Florida sued the Big Pharma for fueling the opioid epidemic in the state. According to state’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, the drug menace has been causing 15 deaths a day. The 15-deaths-a-day figure of the day thus becomes a major contributor to the overall national mortality caused by the opioid crisis, which as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stands at 115 deaths per day. Continue reading

Florida governor signs bill that limits prescription to three-day supplies to curb opioid crisis

In an effort to curb the swelling rates of opioid addiction in the state, Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill imposing a three-day limit on prescriptions into law. The bill, which is a part of the bigger plan to control the opioid epidemic, aims at not only preventing people from getting hooked on prescription painkillers, but also stopping excess medications from entering the black market. Continue reading

Hayver launches app to help people deal with drug and alcohol addiction

Addiction is taking its toll, killing thousands in the United States. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), more than 15 million Americans aged 12 or older had an alcohol use disorder (AUD) in 2016, while an estimated 7.4 million people in the same age group were grappling with an illicit drug addiction. Though a number of measures have already been taken to deal with the addiction crisis, scientists and experts are trying hard to develop an innovative tool for welfare of the mental health care industry. Continue reading

States fail to utilize funds amid worsening opioid crisis

In 2016, over 63,600 deaths due to drug overdose left federal authorities aghast in the United States. The fact that most of these fatalities were linked to opioids intensified the concern. In order to tame the menace, the authorities have taken several measures such as limiting the writing of prescriptions, keeping a tab on the opioid sales, increasing the treatment facilities, and allocating huge funds to states for recovery programs. Continue reading

Ways to prevent prescription drug abuse

Prescription drugs like painkillers play a pivotal role in saving and improving lives, but that doesn’t mean that every medicine is safe to use. In fact, prescription drugs are now the leading source of addiction in the United States for its increased accessibility. There has also been a marked rise in the emergency visits and treatment admissions due to the chronic misuse of prescription drugs. In severe cases, it can also lead to overdose and death. Continue reading

Despite growing support, Florida unlikely to legalize recreational marijuana anytime soon

While medical marijuana was legalized in the Sunshine State of Florida in 2016, there is a buzz around legalizing recreational marijuana in 2018.  Some people think that the refusal of the government to remove prohibitions on recreational marijuana has pushed the masses toward illegal black markets.  As a result, the problem of marijuana abuse has gone beyond control.     Continue reading

Decoding drug cryptomarkets

Cryptomarkets, also known as darknet markets, are trading points that utilize the anonymity of the web for carrying out sale and purchase of goods, drugs and data retrieved through unlawful means. Concurrent with the advent of online shopping sites, there has been a marked increase in the size of cryptomarket in recent times. Continue reading

Use of medical marijuana in pediatric care involving serious illnesses

Though marijuana can help relieve symptoms of certain medical conditions, its use is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government and drug regulation authorities. The plant that is believed to cure a range of illnesses has often been criticized for its adverse health effects including breathing problems, damage to learning and cognitive thinking, and distortions in perception and senses. Continue reading